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Somali Tongue Twisters

1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters © 1996-2018 by Mr.Twister

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Mar iswad, mar iwad!
Mar iswad, mar iwad!
Mar iswad, mar iwad!


Shimbir suul guduud,
habartey suul guduud.


waxaan faley waan faleyba
waxaanaan falin waad fashey
maxaad iigu fashishay


shimbiri dhal cas, hooyadey dhar cas


diin god gal, god gorey gal!
gorey god gal, god diin gal!


Waxaa rajeeyaa in aan rajeeyo waxaa rajeysid, waxaan rajeynin in aad rajeesid waxaan rajeyn.


Abtigay kabo laa laadi, dameerna kobar laa laadi.


Waryaa hanoo soo hore dhudhun ku daba dhakaflaynee cidaad u sii hore dhudhun ku daba dhakaflayn lahayd u sii hore dhudhun ku daba dhakaf lee.


Shibmartani kululaa kadanaa, sideebay subag sumal oo kulul oo kadi hoosyaal ula sii kudhubaa kadhabaa tidhi.


Wan jaban janjal jabad kala bood.


Naylkan yare ee idaha Bah Deegaamo sii daba dhig dhig leh, dhudhun hore dhudhun dambe, daba dhulku gundhis.

Rough Translations

  1. up Lead yourself, lead me!
  2. up The bird's foot is red, mother's foot is red.
  3. up I did what I already did and you did what I did not do (that means you did more worse than me) so why do you disclosed my fault (secret) to others.
  4. up A bird has a red chicken while my mother is dressed in red. When one repeats this phrase quickly, it becomes "A bird dressed in red, and my mom has a red chicken" which means my mom does a "red chicken". Words: SHIMBIR (bird), DHAL (child of non-human being), CAS (red), HOOYO (Mother), HOOYADEY (my mother), DHAR (dress).
  5. up A turtle got inside of a hole, it got inside of an ostrich's hole. An ostrich got inside of a hole, it got inside of a turtle's hole. Words: DIIN (turtle), GOD (hole), GOREY (ostrich), GAL (to get in side of).
  6. up I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish, but i wish you not to wish the wish i won't wish.
  7. up (?) My uncle hangs shoes, and a donkey hangs his glens. (translation?)
  8. up (?) Don’t come to me, go to were you have been going before. (translation?)
  9. up (?) This bird is hot and weird, how she took a sheep butter under oak went and went. (translation?)
  10. up (?) A limping (jaban) ram (wan) with a cage (janjal) jumped over (kala bood) a fence (jabad). (translation?)
  11. up (?) This little lamb running after the Bah Deegaamo's sheep, front shank, rear shank, hitting its bottom on the ground. (translation?)


M. Abdirahman, Mohamud Abukar, Mohamed Hassan, Abdirahman Isak, Jama Musse Jama


Ethnologue, Languages of the World: Somali

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