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Sicilian Tongue Twisters

1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters © 1996-2018 by Mr.Twister

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Sa si si susì Sasà.


Rapi 'u stipu e pigghia 'u spicchiu
posa 'u spicchiu e chiui u stipu.


Cù si scòppula ô viddanu c'a zappa a manu, sapi ppi cù si scòppula;
cù si scòppula a unu c'a còppula n testa, 'un sapi chiddu ca l'aspeta.


Sasà si soli susiri, ai sia sunnu i sia e sia, cu sà su sasà si susiu.


Ci rissi u succi a nuci rammi u tiampu ca ti spirtusu.


A tia m'affiru lampiuni, quannu passu lustru m'a fari.


Sasà si susi ai sei. Sù i sei e sei, cusà si Sasà si susiu ai sei?


A ginucchiuni cugghiannu cuttuni essennu cu ttia cuttuni cugghia.


Cì, ciunghi c'ha? Sì, cinqu ciunghi c'haiu.


Grapo u stipo e pigghio u spicchio, chiuio u stipo e poso u spicchio.

Rough Translations

  1. up Who knows if Sasà got up.
  2. up Open the cabinet and take the slice, put it down and close the cabinet.
  3. up Who takes the hat off in front of a farmer with a hoe in the hand, he knows in front of whom he takes his hat off; Who takes the hat off in front of one that has a hat on doesn't known what is waiting for him.
  4. up Sasà usually gets up at six, it's six past six, who know if Sasà got up.
  5. up The mouse said to the walnut: give me time and i will perforate you.
  6. up I am relying on you, lamppost, when i pass makes light to me.
  7. up Sasà wakes up at 6:00. It's 6 past 6, who knows if Sasà woke up at 6:00 ?
  8. up On my knees collecting cotton being with you I collected cotton.
  9. up Cì (Francesco), have you got chewing-gums? Yes, I've got 5 chewing-gums.
  10. up I open the furniture and take the fruit/orange section, I close the furniture and drop the fruit section.


Fabio Bosco, Daniela Bruno, Sergio Giovenco, Giovanni Macaluso, Giovanni Maltese, Daniele Taddone


Ethnologue, Languages of the World: Sicilian

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