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Marathi Tongue Twisters

1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters © 1996-2018 by Mr.Twister

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kakane kakuchya kamache kagad kapatatun kadhun katrine karakara kaple.


Kakuni kakancha kapatatle kortatle kagad katrine karakara kaple.


Kakane Kakula Kapatat Kondle Karan Kakune Kakachya Kapatatle Kamache Kagad Katrine Karakara Kapun Kaadhle.


Pandurang Patilcha Pachva Porga Pappu Panchvisavvya Payarivarun Pushpachya Payavar Padala


Mahesh Moghe Mamani Mangala Moghe Mamichya Mangalvari Muddamun Muskatak Maarli. Moghe Mami Mhanalya Mala Muddamun Muskatak Maarlit?



Chaduchya chachane chanduchya chandal chahadkhor chachila chandichya chakchakit chamchyane chaligaonchya chandni chowkat charda chawishta chatni chakhwalee.


Chattaila tachni tochli.


Kachhi papai, Pakki papai.


Pantobanchi pivli pivli pagdi parvatichya pastisavya payri warun pachywa payriwar padli.

Rough Translations

  1. up (?)
  2. up Aunty cut uncle's court papers form his cupboard using uncle's scissors.
  3. up Uncle shut aunty in the cupboard because she cut up his important papers from the cupboard with a pair of scissors.
  4. up Pandurang Patil's fifth's son Pappu fell on Pushpa's leg from 25th stair.
  5. up Mahesh Moghe Uncle (maternal uncle) deliberately slapped Mangala Aunty on Tuesday. Moghe Aunty asked why did he slap (her) deliberately?
  6. up Chandu's wise uncle fed a tasty pickle of tamarind to chandu's wicked aunt four times by polished silver spoon in the Chandni-chowk of Chalisgaon town.
  7. up A pin is pricked into the mattress.
  8. up Raw papaya, ripe papaya.
  9. up Pantobas's yellow yellow turban fell down from the 35th step of Parwati's (name of a fort in Pune, India) stairs to the 5th step.


Pallavi Apte, Vivel Bhalerao, Rohan Bhogle, Malhar Hirmukhe, Amrut Kunte, Amol Kute, Tushar Kute, Mangirish Sanzgiri


Ethnologue, Languages of the World: Marathi

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