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Malayalam Tongue Twisters

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Aana alaralodalarl


Manasilakathathu manasilayennu paranjal, manasilayathukoodi manasilakathe pookum. Manasilayoo?


Chathele padikal pathu pacha thatha chathothirunnu.


Mashe Mashe Mashinte Makan Mashayal Mashu Mashinte Makan Mashe Eanu Vilikku Mashe.


Manassilavattatthu Manassilayi Ennu Parranal Manassilayatum Manassilavilla. Manassilayo?


Aasari chethiya Aaru poolu verum poole


Koottam Koodi koottaan kootti, koottaan koottaan koottam koodi.


Virakeduthu vira keduthu vira keduthan virakeduthu


Kilirooruly valuruly


Cyclerally poloru lorryrally


Aadadalodadalay Odalododalay


Oru paral urulan paraline eduthu urutty oru uralinmel vachal uralurulumo? paralurulumo?

What is "ural" ?


pathu pacha thatha chathu. chata pacha thatha pathu


olariyil murali kalari padikkaan poi


hum! ... ee netturaanodanoda ninde kali.

dialog from a movie


Thachhan chatha thachhathi, thadicha thachhathi.

Rough Translations

  1. up (?)
  2. up If you say that you understood what you did not understand, then you will misunderstand what you understood. Did you understand?
  3. up Ten green parrots were found together sitting dead at the doorstep of Chathel.
  4. up (?)
  5. up (?)
  6. up The six chips chipped by the Carpenter were mere chips.
  7. up Koottam koodi= collected people, many came together. Koottaan kootti= tasted a dish, collected to collect. koottaan = a dish, to taste, to collect three meanings to the same word at different context "came together and tasted a dish, to taste the dish came together".
  8. up Took firewood to stop shivering, to stop shivering took firewood. The word vira means shivering due to cold and virake means fire wood.
  9. up Uruly"is an utensil made of bronze for high heat cooking which doesn't have a handle. "Kiliroor" is a place: The "uruly" of Kiliroor has "val" ie a tail, meaning handle.
  10. up The rally of lorries appears same as the of rally of bicycles.
  11. up (The) goat started shivering and running. Aad = Goat, Aadal = Shivering, Odal = Running.
  12. up If you take one fish paral (Poondius maricola) and roll it into a ball and place it on an ural, will the paral roll or will the ural roll?
  13. up Ten green parrots are dead. Dead green parrots there are ten.
  14. up Murali went to Olari to study kalari (martial art)
  15. up Hey! ... are you messing with Netturaan
  16. up The thachhathi (wife of the carpenter) who lost her husband, is too fat.


Haridas Babu, Anil Kumar Ena, Tanya Jojo, Tony Jojo, Mathew Kiliroor, Ramesh Nair, K.V. Nila, Verghese Pulikotil, Moncy Simon, Leena Thomas, Fenny Varghese


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