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Korean Tongue Twisters

1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters © 1996-2018 by Mr.Twister

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ap jibe sa nun bupak baksanun park bupak baksaigo, dwe jibe sa nun bupak baksanun bak bupak baksaida.







naygah gerleen geeleen gerleemern jahl gerleen geeleen gerleemeego naegah gerleen geeleen gerleemern moht saengeen geeleen gerleemeeda



choki kirin kurim-i amkirin kurin kurimi-nya sutkirin kurin kurim-nya?



Choongangchong cholchangsal



khongjang kongjang kgjangjangen kanjang kongjang kongjangjang-ita.



Jo cholchang-e soe changsal-en sae soe changsal-ita.


육통 통장 적금통장은 황색 적금통장이고
팔통 통장 적금통장은 녹색 적금통장이다

Yug-tong tong-chang cheog-geum-tong chang-uen hwang-saeg cheog-geum-tong-chang-i-go
p'ar-tong tong-chang cheog-geum-tong chang-uen nog-saeg cheog-geum-tong-chang-i-da


고려고 교복은 고급 교복이고
고려고 교복은 고급 원단을 사용했다

Gohryeogoh gyo-pog-eun go-geub gyo-pog-i-go
Gohryeogoh gyo-pog-eun go-geub won-dan-eur sa-yong-haess-da


목동 로얄 뉴로얄 레스토랑 뉴메뉴
미트소시지소스스파게티, 크림소시지소스스테이크

Mokdong ro-yal nyu-ro-yar re-seu-t'o-rang nyu-me-nyu
Mi-teu-so-shi-chi-so-seu-seu-p'a-ge-t'i, k'eu-rim-so-shi-chi-so-seu-seu-t'e-i-keu


안촉촉한 초코칩 나라에 살던 안촉촉한 초코칩이 촉촉한 초코칩 나라의 촉촉한 초코칩을 보고 촉촉한 초코칩이 되고 싶어서 촉촉한 초코칩 나라에 갔는데 촉촉한 초코칩 나라의 문지기가 "넌 촉촉한 초코칩이 아니고 안촉촉한 초코칩이니까 안촉촉한 초코칩 나라에서 살아"라고해서 안촉촉한 초코칩은 촉촉한 초코칩이 되는것을 포기하고 안촉촉한 초코칩 나라로 돌아갔다.

Rough Translations

  1. up The doctor of the law who lives in front of my house is Dr. Park, and the doctor of the law who lives in back of my house is Dr. Bak.
  2. up The manager of soysauce factory is named Chang, and the manager of soypaste factory is named Kang.
  3. up Is that bean chaff over the mountain peeled or not?
  4. up I draw a giraffe picture, a pretty giraffe picture. You draw a giraffe picture, an ugly giraffe picture.
  5. up Is that giraffe picture there a picture drawing a female giraffe or a male giraffe?
  6. up steel bar of the Central (govenment) building
  7. up As for the seasoned-bean factory manager, he is the soysauce factory manager.
  8. up The steel bars of that prison (room) are new (steel bars).
  9. up 6 dong bank book savings book is the yellow bank savings book; 8 dong bank book savings book is the green bank savings book
  10. up Gohryeogoh uniforms are high quality uniforms; Gohryeogoh uniforms are high quality materials
  11. up Mokdong Royal New Royal Restaurant new menu: Meat sausage sauce spaghetti, cream sausage sauce steak
  12. up A non-moist chocolate chip cookie that lived in non-moist chocolate chip cookie land saw a moist chocolate chip cookie from moist chocolate chip cookie land and wanted to become a moist chocolate chip cookie and so went to moist chocolate chip cookie land, but the gate-keeper of moist chocolate chip cookie land said, "You are not a moist chocolate chip cookie, but a non-moist chocolate chip cookie, so live in non-moist chocolate chip cookie land," so the non-moist chocolate chip cookie gave up on becoming a moist chocolate chip cookie and went back to non-moist chocolate chip cookie land.


Don Glass, Matthew Howie, ChangBong Lee, Janggun Lee, Kisun Lee, Anders McCarthy, Ralesk Ne'vennoyx, Hosun Yu, Ri Na Yu


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