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Igbo or Ibo Tongue Twisters

1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters © 1996-2018 by Mr.Twister

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Ukochukwu Okechukwu kwulu okwu chukwu n'ulo chukwu di na Arochukwu.


Papa Peter kwatara pawpaw kwanye Papa Paul.
Papa Paul kwata pawpaw kwanye Papa Peter.


Nwanyi n'akwa akwa, ina-akwa akwa na okuko yili akwa nenu akwa ikwalakwa di nenu akwa?

Rough Translations

  1. up Reverend Okechukwu preached a sermon at the church in Arochukwu.
  2. up Peter's father plucked a pawpaw and gives it to Paul's father. Paul's father plucks a pawpaw and gives it to Peter's father. German: Peters Vater hat eine Papaya gepflückt und gibt sie Pauls Vater. Pauls Vater pflückt eine Papaya und gibt sie Peters Vater.
  3. up Lady Tailor, are you crying because the hen laid an egg on the dress you made that is lying on the bed? (Akwa=Bed, Akwa=Dress, Akwa=Crying, Akwa=Egg, ikwa-akwa=to make dresses, ikwa-akwa=to cry, iyi-akwa=to lay eggs)


Christopher Ifeanyi Ekweanua, Emeka Maduewesi, Peter Okeugo


Ethnologue, Languages of the World: Igbo

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