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Persian or Farsi Tongue Twisters

1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters © 1996-2018 by Mr.Twister

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Ghoori e gol ghermezi


Shish sikh jigar sikhi shi shezar


Sarbazi sar-e bazi sar-e sarbazi ra zad.


Dishab parishab, passparishab, sakht shabe sardi bood dishab


Shab shabi dishab shabi da shahre sham ashub shod. shishehgar shashido as shashash shisheha shish hesaro sheshsado shast tikke shod.


Daii Chagheh. Chaii Dagheh.


Koshtam shepeshe shepesh_koshe shesh pa ra


Ruye rune marde Lore mu dore.


Davood dori darad, dor bar dar-e darvaze
zavaz-e dor-e Davood darvaze dar avaze.


Shekh Shamsadin sakh shakhsy bood


Koshtam shepeshe shepeshkoshe sheshpa ra
shekastam shisheye sharabe shahla ra


zireye rize mize az zire miz mirize.


ghoriye gol ghermeze ghor shodeh


Dooghe gaz dar, gaze doogh dar


Sheikh Saadi sakht shakhsi.


اندر در اندرون دربار اندر ده نفر کور و کر و نه عنتر نر نمی رن

andar dar-e andarun-e Andar dah nafar-e kur-o-kar-o noh antar-e nar nemiran

by Ivonna Nowicka


Emshab shabe seshanbas, farda shabam seshanbas. In se se shabo oon se se shab, har se se shab seshanbas.


Daii chaaghe, chaii daaghe.


Kalaaghe ba malaaghe, baa kamaale alaaghe, zad too sareh olaaghe.


، یک دوست دارم که دوست داره با دوست تو که دوست داره با دوست من دوست بشه دوست بشه، تو دوست داری با دوست من که دوست داره با دوست تو دوست بشه دوست بشی؟

Ye dust daram ke dust dare ba duste to ke dust dare ba duste man dust beshe dust beshe, to dust dari ba duste man ke dust dare ba duste to dust beshe dust beshi?


chasb, chips, sos

Rough Translations

  1. up The tea-pot with a red flower on it
  2. up Six skewers of liver each for six Rials (Iranian unit of money).
  3. up A soldier while playing cut the head of another soldier.
  4. up last night, the night before last night, was a very cold night.
  5. up One night, yesterday night there was unrest in the city of Sham (Damascus). The glasses were scared and wet themselves so much that they broke up into 6660 pieces.
  6. up Daii Chagheh=Uncle is fat. Chaii Dagheh=Tea is hot
  7. up I killed a flea that killed the six-legged flea.
  8. up The tops of the feet of the man from Lor are hairy.
  9. up Davood (a Persian name) has got a pearl on a gate. Becauses it's singing the gate is singing too.
  10. up Shekh Shamsadin was a famous sheikh.
  11. up I killed the flea that killed the six-legged flea. I broke Shahla's (girl's name) wine bottle.
  12. up Little caraway is being poured from under the table.
  13. up Dented teapot with red flowers
  14. up Yogurt soda with gas, gas with yogurt soda.
  15. up Sheikh Saadi (the famous Persian poet) was a tough man.
  16. up Ten blind and deaf people and nine male baboons won’t fit in the gate of the female part (andarun) of the palace in Andar (a district in Afganistan).
  17. up Tonight is the night before tuesday, and tomorrow is tuesday. These three days and those three days, all of the three days are tuesdays. (nonesense)
  18. up The uncle is fat, the tea is hot.
  19. up With great pleasure, the crow hit the head of the donkey using a laddle.
  20. up I have a friend who likes to become friend with your friend who likes to become the friend of my friend, do you like to become friend of my friend who likes to become friend of your friend?
  21. up glue, chips, dressing


Kris, Maro Aghazarian, Aryan Aryanpour, Mohammad Attar, Farzin Bakhti, Maryam Faridounnia, Jamileh Kameli, Shahram Momtahan, Vira Motamedi, Madena Nafiz, Ivonna Nowicka, Alireza Rahimizadeh, Amir-Hossein Safari, Amir Sepahram, Reza Sharifpour, Mohammad Sheikhabadi, Raymond Vlasveld, Davood Yaghoubi


Ethnologue, Languages of the World: Persian

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